Sponsorship & Supporters


Community radio requires the financial support of businesses and the general community to be able to function. The funds to pay for the daily operation of the station are generated through sponsorship announcements, membership fees, grants and donations.


Details of membership are outlined on the Members and Volunteers menu and membership is open to individuals, organisations and businesses.

Sponsorship Announcements


Sponsorship announcements are available to both businesses and community groups. The station can provide low cost sponsorship announcements (these are similar to radio commercials).
Click here for information on our rates.


Sponsorship announcements are heard by a large and wide audience. The 2014 National Listener Survey carried out by McNair Ingenuity Research shows a consistent, strong and dedicated community radio audience; and they are listening in droves, with 5,027,000 (28%) listening to local community radio in an average week.


Community radio listeners are dedicated and consistent, with the average listener tuning in for 14.5 hours a week. According to the survey, 95% of listeners highly value community radio and tune in because they want to hear:


  • Local information and news (this is the
    number one reason Australians listen to community radio)
  • Specialist music programmes
  • Independent opinions delivered by local people
  • Programming not heard elsewhere


Current Sponsors


  • Apprentice and Traineeship Company
  • Battery All Types
  • Bon Marche Mensland
  • Bunbury Speedway
  • Bunbury Trotting Club
  • Community Home Care
  • DAPCO Tyre and Auto Service
  • Dr Foster & Associates
  • Evanco Mechanical
  • Friendlies Pharmacy
  • Gas-It Pipe Contracting
  • KFC Treendale
  • Martin Burns Bedroom Furnishings
  • Meadowbrooke Lifestyle Estate
  • Paint Place
  • Prince of Wales Hotel
  • Soundwave Car Stereo
  • South West WA Electrical
  • The Jones Boys Bunbury Honda-Kia-Mahindra
  • Tint a Car
  • Umbrella Realty
  • William Barrett and Sons

Foundation Sponsors


We are grateful to our many sponsors who provided the funding to get Bunbury Community Radio started including:

City of Bunbury


Royalties for Regions


Colin Holt MLC

Vukelic Property Group

Alcoa World Aluminium

Barr and Standley

Barrett Funeral Directors

Satterley Property Group

Community Broadcasting Foundation







We acknowledge the support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation in the upgrade of our transmission equipment and antenna.

Port of Bunbury

Dalyellup College

Bunbury Natural
Health center

Bunbury Regional
Entertainment center

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