Membership & Volunteers


Bunbury Community Radio is a membership based organisation.    All Board members and volunteers must be financial members.  The station has adopted the National Standards for Volunteering in Australia and is working towards full implementation of policies and procedures to meet the standards.

BCR Membership


Membership is open to everyone.    All membership applications must be submitted to the Board who will arrange a nominator and seconder if you do not know an existing member.


Membership categories are:

  • Individuals
  • Not-for-profit and community groups
  • Businesses

Application for membership (Word Document).
Application for membership (PDF Document).

Schedule of membership fees.




We want all our volunteers to be informed about the station and how it operates as part of their involvement.    We provide a Volunteer Induction to all members who want to be involved in the day to day activity at the station.   These are run as required and take about an hour.   The induction provides details on how the organisation operates and how the radio station works.


Members who want to become broadcasters will be provided with training in the operation of the panel and presentation skills.   Training will be targeted to the needs of individual members.    A Broadcaster Induction is provided to ensure there is a clear understanding of the station format and presentation guidelines.

Volunteer Roles



Reception and phones; word processing of on-air material; sponsorship sales; Traffic (sponsor spots) scheduling



Announcers; presenters; journalists; producers and copywriters



Broadcast and studio technicians; computer technicians

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